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Donnhoff Felsenberg Felsentürmchen Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2022

A very old and famous site, splendidly located on a steep southern slope. The vines grow under extreme conditions in weathered volcanic porphyry soil. The stony ground heats quickly during the day, and that warmth produces characteristic Rieslings with a racy fruitiness and mineral acidity, internationally recognized for their distinctive flinty aromas. At the heart of this fantastic vineyard stands our Felsentürmchen (“small rock tower”). The mineral-rich Felsenberg grapes undergo an intense selective harvest and their wines bear the symbol of the Felsentürmchen.

Vintage: 2022
Grape Varieties: Riesling

Produced by Dönnhoff

The Dönnhoff Family is proud to call Oberhausen an der Nahe home. Running from Niederhausen to Schloßböckelheim, the majestic landscapes of the Nahe Valley have held sway over us for more than 250 years. The first official mention of the Dönnhoff name dates back to 1761; the family‘s own history book details the early flowering of 1781 and the bumper grape harvest of 1784. Helmut Dönnhoff‘s grandfather laid the cornerstone for the estate‘s success. Right from the outset Hermann Dönnhoff (1880-1953) focused his attention on planting Riesling vines in prized vineyards, and by the 1920s was filling his wines into bottles and selling the finest of them by their individual vineyard names. We owe our undying thanks to his son Hermann Jr. (1916-1991) not just for the cultivation of our “Oberhäuser Brücke” site, but also for the construction of the press house in 1936 and the estate‘s first cellar space. In 1953 the estate received a Merit of Honor from the government for its outstanding viticultural achievements.

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Tasting Notes

A great dry Riesling, very complex, displaying great, smoky crystallized minerality with a flinty character – unmistakably Felsenberg.