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"Well trained and knowledgeable staff can speak with confidence and knowledge."

Staff Training

Staff training is a key service that Brompton Wine and Wimbledon Wine School are able to offer. It is hugely beneficial to have well motivated and knowledgeable staff – to help upsell to customers, to speak with confidence and knowledge. The result is improved customer satisfaction and it will achieve a better margin.

Knowledgeable Staff

Training can be used to match wines to new menus – perhaps seasonal changes or it can used on a monthly or quarterly basis to increase general wine knowledge and help a team to work together.

We can be entirely flexible to suit our customers. We will work around rota times, evenings – whatever is best for you. The key difference between Brompton Wine and our competitors is that we are happy to taste and talk about wines that we have not sold from our portfolio. This means we have no vested interest in pushing wines that are in the best interests of the wine merchant rather than the customer.

We listen to the business owner to understand what their aims and objectives are. We then come up with a wine training plan to support these objectives, in the best interest of the customer and now the wine merchant.

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"For several years Richard has provided Create with excellent service – he organises monthly training sessions for our sales team, helps to match wines to our seasonal menus and is always on hand to support us if needed. He has helped our sales team to speak about wines with more confidence and authority. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for his subject is very beneficial to us and we would thoroughly recommend his services."

Oliver Barnett | Operations Director, Create Food Ltd.