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Welcome to the Brompton Wine Club

The Brompton Wine Club launches on 1st March 2021. It is a wine club with a difference! For nearly 30 years Richard has been travelling, meeting, tasting and eating his way around the wine producing regions of the world. Many of you will know that he runs wine events, WSET approved wine courses, wine dinners and thoroughly enjoys sharing knowledge, passion for wine and trying to encourage his customers to taste and to explore. Throughout 2020 and the early part of 2021 Richard has hosted many online events and put together tasting cases for customers to learn more about wine while having as much fun as possible at the same time. Wine enjoyment with an educational twist during the various lockdowns we have had over the last 12 months. It was from this evolution of his business that the idea for the Brompton Wine Club developed. There are plenty of subscription wine clubs but this is different. It really is!

The club is not designed to completely replace your existing wine buying but work in conjunction with other wines you buy (from Brompton Wine of course), the club will increase enjoyment by learning a bit more about the wonderful world of wine and sharing your thoughts with fellow members.

The club is also more interactive. On the members’ page, you can see what wines you have had in the past. You can post tasting notes on the wines for other members to see and compare. You can agree or disagree with Richard’s notes!

How it works

You pay a monthly subscription. You have members only access to the Club page on the Brompton Wine website. There you will see info on all the wines you have had so far, including tasting notes written by Richard. Each case has a theme: why is oak so important? Cool climate wines and what does that mean? Acidity is good! Wines with altitude! You get the idea. The cases are not always from region but a selection to best demonstrate a theme. You can then taste, compare, enjoy and yes, learn a little on the way. There is more! Over the year you will save at least 10% on the cost of the wines. You will receive an annual report listing the wines you have had and what they cost. As members you have a 5% discount automatically applied to any additional wines you buy through the Brompton Wine website. You have advance notice of wine maker dinners, courses and events. Most wine dinners have a limit of 20 guests and they always sell out. As members you have a 10 day head start before the dinner is advertised more widely. The club will be limited to a maximum of 100 members .

How much does it cost?

Monthly subscription is £60 and you receive 4 cases per year which is a case every 3 months. Most cases will be 12 bottles but every now and then the case will contain 6 bottles if, for example, we are exploring the more expensive wines from a region such as Oregon. Most of the time the average bottle price will be £15.

Member benefits

    Over the year you will save 10% on the wines in your case
    5% discount on purchases via the Brompton Wine website is automatically applied to member
    Advance notice of wine events – wine courses, wine dinners, tasting and vineyard trips (when permitted)

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