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Jean Stodden Recher Spatburgunder, 2021

The vineyards are situated on the Ahr valleys steep slopes and the wines are characterized by elegance and finesse. With aging quality that rivals Burgundian pinot noirs at a fraction of the price while still being a small production (of a similar size to Petrus’s annual production) that focuses on quality this is an unmissable opportunity for pinot noir collectors and drinkers to add to their list.

Vintage: 2021
Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir

Produced by Stodden

An esteemed German wine estate renowned for its outstanding reds, particularly those crafted from Spätburgunder. The Stodden family boasts a multigenerational winemaking legacy. The Ahr Valley's unique microclimate, characterized by steep, slate-rich vineyards and the temperate influence of the Ahr River, provides the perfect setting for cultivating this finicky grape variety.

In the world of Jean Stodden, tradition and artistry converge, with a strong focus on minimal intervention. They proudly present an array of red wines, with special emphasis on single-vineyard Spätburgunders that showcase the distinct terroirs. These wines, lauded for their elegance and depth, have earned critical acclaim both at home and abroad. Whether it's their entry-level bottles or the premium single-vineyard offerings, Jean Stodden is a distinguished player in Germany's wine scene.

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Tasting Notes

Notes of ripe red fruits, delicate spices and subtle mineral notes accompanied by a long finish.