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Athassi Xynisteri 2022

Xynisteri is a white wine grape variety primarily grown in Cyprus, an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean. It is one of the most important indigenous grape varieties in Cyprus. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in indigenous grape varieties, like Xynisteri, as they contribute to the uniqueness and diversity of Cyprus's wine production. Winemakers have been working to showcase the potential of this grape variety both locally and internationally, attracting attention from wine enthusiasts and collectors.

Marathasa's Xynisteri grapes ripen slowly in terraces carved into the mountainside 1100m above sea level. The conditions are perfect for producing low yields of high-quality grapes. The winemaking reflects their desire to do justice to this wonderful Cypriot varietal, with low-temperature fermentation in tank and oak, to add texture and complexity. Athassi is the Cypriot word for almond tree, which readily grow amongst their vineyards from the time when almonds were used to make traditional delicacies from grape must.

Vintage: 2022
Grape Varieties: Xynisteri

Produced by Marathasa Wines

Tucked away in Marathasa valley, Marathasa Wines is the result of one man's dream and plenty of grit. John Papadouris, a former civil engineer, envisioned restoring the valley's winemaking heritage, a vision carried forward by his daughter Alexa, her husband Andrew, and their cousin Stavros, with the help of the vine guru Victoras. Marathasa's mountainsides have hosted vineyards for generations, with family traditions including stomping grapes in home wine presses. John's family history was soaked in wine, as his grandfather traversed the trails with donkeys laden with wineskins filled with Marathasa's prized wines. The decline of the mountain wine trade in the mid-20th century spurred Marathasa Wines' mission to acquire and rejuvenate abandoned vineyards, preserving traditional methods while introducing modern techniques. Today, they're not just making great wine but also contributing to Cyprus' burgeoning fine wine community, blending history with innovation, one bottle at a time.

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Tasting Notes

The aromas are wonderfully layered and balanced. There is an abundance of precise lemon citrus, white peach, tropical, floral, freshly cut grass, acacia honey and herbaceous flavours creating a wine that is deeply textured. The complexity of the wine is further enhanced by skillful use of oak which adds richness, sweet spice and a hint of butterscotch. It is a beautifully constructed wine with excellent freshness and a long, fine finish.